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A cyborg prototype constructed for the military by a team of scientists rebels against his creators by embarking on a mission to uncover the truth about his human origins in this ambitious sci-fi adventure from independent writer/director Dwayne Buckle (The Minority).

Jason Buchanon


A lot of the ideas you’ll see in CYBORNETICS are far from new to the world of science fiction, but maybe you’ve not seen them combined in quite this way. The idea of artificial intelligence seeking its own concept of self is here. As is the cautionary tale of uncautious science, science gone too far, having done something it cannot undo or cannot control now that it’s done. And, of course, the military abuse of science staple. But this isn’t really “Terminator” fodder; it’s more than that, though the comparison is obvious in terms of the what-do-we-do-with-our-AI-now-that-we’ve-got-it motif, also present in the disappointing “I Robot” movie. Anyway, here we have a cyborg created via amazing scientific advances but whose purpose may be nefarious since the project has military applications. What comes next was not in the plans. This isn’t man versus his mistake. Besides being about man dealing with what he has wrought, this is also about that which was wrought itself. Self-awareness is a bitch.

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